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Finding time to visit a clinic can be difficult and time consuming. With in-home physiotherapy treatments you'll be able to receive quality care in the comfort of your home. Your physiotherapist will also be able to review your home surroundings and make suggestions to better meet your treatment needs. You can also make it a family affair, and have others treated too.


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How to Prepare For Your In-Home Physiotherapy Treatment

Preparation is Key! Now, all of these treatment avenues can be done in a clinic, and more commonly are. Though...
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Embodia: An Online Program

Guidance from Home Okay, so the treatment is scheduled and you are prepared. But what happens after the treatment? If...
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5 Most Common Physiotherapy Treatments

What's Best for You? So you’ve decided to check out what a physiotherapy treatment looks like, and what that could do...
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With over 25 years experience, Djoanna Del Rosario has helped thousands of patients with a wide range of physical challenges through initial assessments, treatment plans, and implementation.

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