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Surgical Repair

A 57-year-old retired athletic male fell while playing hockey in a league. As a result of the fall, he tore his rotator cuff tendon and surgical repair was done. This type of injury prevents full movement of the shoulder, pain at rest and at night, which eventually results in weakness and difficulty in raising the affected arm.

Once the sling was removed (post arthroscopic rotator cuff repair) he experienced restricted range of motion, and moderate to severe pain with the feeling of heaviness in his upper arm. He experienced accumulation of fluid in his arm and neck, which was restricting his effort to return to regular activities.


Rehabilitation included manual lymphatic drainage of the neck and upper arm, and active assisted range of motion within pain free range. Once edema subsided, he was able to perform home exercises, while clinic treatment focused on progressive exercise programs within his post-surgery protocol.

Top 3 Exercises

  1. Pendulum Shoulder Movements
  2. Isometric Resistance
  3. Cervical Spine, and Elbow Stretching

Goals & Results

Treatment twice a week for 12 weeks. Follow up and resume normal activities along with strengthening and functional exercises.


Articles that explain more about the benefits of post-surgical rehabilitation for rotator cuff repair.


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