Shin Splints and what we can do to help!

Here’s a quick clip of physiotherapist Djoanna treating shin splint patient with acupuncture and manual stripping techniques.

Shin splints cause pain along the inner edge of the shinbone where muscles connect. Runners face a high risk of developing them. It’s crucial to seek professional guidance before they disrupt your workout routine. There are steps you can take to heal from shin splints and stop them from worsening.

– Wear well-fitted athletic shoes.
– Increase fitness levels gradually.
– Incorporate cross-training exercises.
– Consider taping or using compression sleeves/ socks.
– Follow a structured running program with gradual increases in distance, intensity, and frequency.
– Ensure proper running form, avoiding landing heavily on heels or toes.

Consult a physiotherapist for a customized plan targeting running conditions and biomechanical issues.
Manual therapy and acupuncture can help improve range of motion and reduce pain and swelling before starting a running exercise program.

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