Embodia: An Online Program

Guidance from Home

Okay, so the treatment is scheduled and you are prepared. But what happens after the treatment? If your rehabilitation is continuous then how do you track your progress? Therapists and their patients can use Embodia:  

Upon the completion of thorough evaluation, your therapist will set up a profile for you on Embodia. Signing into a new account is free and gives you access to all the exercises and resources your therapist has given you. Being able to stay active in the comfort of your own home with proper guidance online is what Embodia strives for.

You are also able to compose comments and messages regarding the various exercises. Another benefit is that you are able to monitor your progress through time, and connect with your therapist by filling up disability questionnaires so they’re aware of your physical state for your next session.

Here’s their For Home Exercise Description:  


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